Bacon Lardons

This is one of my favorite ways to cook bacon. A quick braise highlights the full flavor and great texture. Any of our flavors of bacon will work this way. The muscles in belly are quite tough, and require either substantial cooking, or to be thinly sliced. Smaller pieces become tender faster than larger ones, so this is a happy balance between time and simplicity. We’ll post other methods of cooking slab bacon soon.

Cut 1/2 inch slices off the end of the slab of bacon. Then cut those slices into 1/2 inch vertical strips so you have all the layers of meat and fat in each piece.

Place the lardons of bacon in a saucepan small enough to hold them in one layer without much extra room. Top with just enough cold water to cover. Turn the heat up to med-high and don’t cover the pan.

As the water boils off, the bacon will start to fry in its own fat. When you hear it start to sizzle turn the heat down so they don’t burn. Turn the heat down and fry the bacon untill crisp on all sides.

Drain the lardons on paper towels, and enjoy them with whatever you’re preparing.


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