Welcome to Happy Pig Salumi!

We are artisanal sausage makers committed to using only ethically-raised animals to make the best charcuterie available.

Our product line includes fresh sausage, bacon, and dry-cured meats.


We are working on a special-order only basis until we can get storage issues worked out to better keep an inventory stocked. We're always testing and tweaking recipes, so it never hurts to ask what we have around!

Check out our blog or follow us on twitter to follow our adventures.

Email us at orders /at/ happypigsalumi.com to let us know about any products you'd like to see us make!

Special Order Ideas

Fresh Italian Sausage
Maple Breakfast Sausage
Chicken/Turkey/Duck Sausage
Wild Boar Pancetta
See more on our special orders page!