We have several recipes available for special order. Please allow 1 week for fresh-frozen sausage, 2 weeks for bacon, and 1 month for dry-cured sausage.

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Ideas for Special Orders

Fresh Sausage

    Fresh Bratwurst - This classic is made with eggs, cream, and nutmeg for a smooth-textured sausage perfect for fall. Try braising it with sauerkraut and apples!

    Chicken/Turkey/Duck Sausages




    Traditional Breakfast Sausage

Specialty Bacon

    Chocolate-Cured Bacon - This bacon is cured with ground Taza Chocolate cocoa beans and smoked over cocoa finds. Rich and earthy, the cocoa brings a subtle depth of flavor.

    Miso-cured Bacon - This favorite Japanese ingredient is used to cure pork belly for a bacon that works fantastically in any Asian dish.

    Hop-cured Bacon - Cascade hops used in the curing process bring a floral quality to the bacon. Pairs excellently with IPA.

    Hazelnut Bacon - Cured with ground toasted hazelnuts and then cold-smoked, this bacon is extra special! Perfect for the holidays.

    Boar Bacon/Pancetta

Dry-Cured Salumi

    Mole - Dry-cured sausage with Mexican mole spices, including ground Taza Chocolate nibs and cocoa beans.

    Sopressata - This Italian fermented dry-cured sausage has bright and spicy flavors. Slice some to eat by itself, with cheese, or dice to add depth of flavor to nearly any dish.

    Goose Prociutto


    Smoked Salmon/fish

    Corned Duck Breast

Experiments we're working on

    Tasso ham

    Chocolate truffle dry-cured sausage

    Have an idea? Let us know!
Special Order Ideas

Fresh Italian Sausage
Maple Breakfast Sausage
Chicken/Turkey/Duck Sausage
Wild Boar Pancetta
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